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Custom Made Vintage WWII Posters

1943 Helmet Umbrella Raincoat

Custom Made Vintage WWII Posters & Flyers

by FDY Design

In original 1920’s, 1930’s & 1940’s WWII retro & vintage style design & fonts.

By using the accurate typography from the time period we are trying to represent during Remembrance & Liberation Day, Events & Shows.

With respect for the men and women to whom we owe our freedom. To Maintain Historical Military Equipment and Heritage.

Poster & Flyer Army Vehicle Marking:

Poster & Flyer Design U.S. Army:

1944 U.S. Troops - Belgium Bastogne "Battle of the Bulge"

Poster & Flyer Design UK / GB Commonwealth:

1942 / 1943 UK Navy - Working Women - Toolbox & Spare Parts

1943 Europe - Helmet Umbrella & Raincoat

1944 Italy - Working Men - Toolbox & Spare Parts

1945 The Netherlands / Holland Utrecht - Freedom