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Bonnet/Hood Estimator for Jeep

Hood Number Estimator for Jeep Bantam/Ford/Willys

Hood Number Estimator – version 2024m01-010 (Log: Several Errors Fixed)

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(Rough) U.S.A.(W.) Bonnet/Hood Number Estimator for WWII 4×4 Jeep Bantam/Ford/Willys

Curious about the accuracy of your Jeep’s U.S.A.(W.) bonnet/hood number? If you have your military vehicle’s frame number, you’re in luck! Just complete the provided form, and we’ll provide you with an approximate U.S.A.(W.) bonnet/hood number for your vehicle.

Please Note

The U.S.A.(W.) bonnet/hood number produced by this page serves as an estimate. It is recommended to verify this number by cross-referencing with the latest serial number archive available on original websites, such as G-503, to ensure accuracy.

Calculate Your U.S.A.(W.) Bonnet/Hood Number

Can you help?

As of now, we lack data beyond circa 1942/1943 to accurately estimate Jeep numbers. Your assistance is invaluable – if you possess relevant information, kindly share it with us for incorporation into the estimator. Should you come across discrepancies or possess additional data, please reach out via email. We eagerly welcome all (original) chassis, contract, and bonnet/hood number series for every vehicle type, as they contribute significantly to enhancing the accuracy and completeness of this estimator. Together, let’s build a comprehensive resource for Jeep enthusiasts worldwide!

Credits and Sources

This estimator is powered by data from various sources, and credit is owed to the original contributors. While specific credits may be missing, we appreciate the collective efforts that went into building this tool. If you have additional information or corrections, your contributions are welcomed as we work together to enhance and refine the estimator. Sources and credits to:

  • Classic Military Automotive
  • All American Wonder: Volumes 1&2. Author Ray Cowdery
  • MVPA Judging Standard – GPW. Authors Bill Kish & Lloyd White
  • The Military Jeep: MB/GPW. Author Lawrence Nabholtz
  • Maintenance Manual for Willys Truck, TM-10-1513

Your search engine is eager to assist you in locating and obtaining copies of these publications from various sites and online bookshops.