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Why “Army Vehicle Marking . com “?

This site was born out of a piece “out of control grown hobby” when it comes to the “correct” marking of historic WWII allied military vehicles & tanks. Many vehicles & tanks today driving by in liberation events or in museums or are seen in (new) movies … Unfortunately are marked and stenciled with for example post-war NATO / DIN font lettertypes. Or fonts that are designed 40+ years after WWII. Or are marked with “wrong” formats five point stars. Even while the diameter inch sizes were pre-described very specifically.

Therefore …

Our goal is to …

… be for you the Expert & Partner in historic WWII Military Vehicle Marking, Decals & Stencils.

… supporting you in providing Marking, Decals & Stencils – as historically accurate as possible – for your historical vehicle(s) in the correct historical timeline.

… after 70+ years … to be the largest and most complete database and source of information when it comes to WWII Allied vehicle markings. And preserve them for future generations.


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A WWII Allied & AR 850 – 5 / Army Regulations / U.S. Military Equipment Markings d.d. 1944m03d25 incl. Change #10 Study.


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