AVM Dodge WC Series page 24
Dear Dodge WC enthusiasts, I would like to share the following and appendices with you. DOWNLOAD the PDF – Dodge WC-series – Chassis numbers vs. Bonnet / Hood numbers LIST In recent years I have built a “Chassis numbers versus Bonnet / Hood numbers” list and calculation program for the […]

Dodge WC Chassis numbers vs. Bonnet / Hood numbers

AVM The WWII Allied and US Star
Possible or impossible? When it depends “WWII Military Allied Vehicle Stars” A lot in terms of WWII allied stars, was done even by “free format” and / or lost by interpretation in field orders and memo’s top down, from command to captain, sergeant, corporal to the soldier who had to […]

The WWII Allied & U.S. Star

Come and meet Army Vehicle Marking and the BAIV team on Tuesday July 25th till Saturday July 29th 2017. At The War and Peace Revival (WPR 2017) in Paddock Wood UK – Row A10-A17 It will be a great pleasure to see you there! #WPR2017 Share on Follow "Army Vehicle […]

Army Vehicle Marking @ the War and Peace Revival in ...

2017m07 AVM FB Halftrack
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1943 Helmet Umbrella Raincoat
Custom Made Vintage WWII Posters & Flyers by FDY Design In original 1920’s, 1930’s & 1940’s WWII retro & vintage style design & fonts. By using the accurate typography from the time period we are trying to represent during Remembrance & Liberation Day, Events & Shows. With respect for the men and women […]

Custom Made Vintage WWII Posters