AVM Dodge WC Series page 24
Dear Dodge WC enthusiasts, I would like to share the following and appendices with you. DOWNLOAD the PDF – Dodge WC-series – Chassis numbers vs. Bonnet / Hood numbers LIST In recent years I have built a “Chassis numbers versus Bonnet / Hood numbers” list and calculation program for the […]

Dodge WC Chassis numbers vs. Bonnet / Hood numbers

AVM The WWII Allied and US Star
Possible or impossible? When it depends “WWII Military Allied Vehicle Stars” A lot in terms of WWII allied stars, was done even by “free format” and / or lost by interpretation in field orders and memo’s top down, from command to captain, sergeant, corporal to the soldier who had to […]

The WWII Allied & U.S. Star

2017m07 AVM FB Halftrack
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1943 Helmet Umbrella Raincoat
Custom Made Vintage WWII Posters & Flyers by FDY Design In original 1920’s, 1930’s & 1940’s WWII retro & vintage style design & fonts. By using the accurate typography from the time period we are trying to represent during Remembrance & Liberation Day, Events & Shows. With respect for the men and women […]

Custom Made Vintage WWII Posters