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Press Release – January 2024

ExpODe.nl Moves Expertise to Sister Website ArmyVehicleMarking.com

Date: January 2024

ExpODe.nl, the “Expertise On Demand” website, announces that it is currently relocating its content to the sister website ArmyVehicleMarking.com. The relocation is already partially completed and aims to enhance synergy between the two platforms and reach an even broader audience.

ExpODe.nl, renowned for its comprehensive information across various fields, has decided to transfer content to the website ArmyVehicleMarking.com, specializing in vehicle markings and related military topics, particularly from the period 1939-1945.

This strategic move stems from the desire to improve user experience and provide a centralized platform for enthusiasts interested in both general knowledge from the period, especially 1939-1945, and military vehicle markings in general.

ExpODe.nl emphasizes that the relocation is being executed with care to ensure that all valuable content seamlessly transitions to ArmyVehicleMarking.com. Users and visitors can still access trusted information on ExpODe.nl during the transition.

“This change allows ExpODe.nl and  ArmyVehicleMarking.com to consolidate and share our expertise with a broader community of enthusiasts, especially those specifically interested in military vehicle markings and related topics. We are confident that this amalgamation will provide new opportunities and enhance value for our users.”

Users and visitors of ExpODe.nl are encouraged to explore ArmyVehicleMarking.com for the latest updates and information. The complete transition is expected to be finalized in the upcoming period of 2024Q1.

For more information, please contact ArmyVehicleMarking.com.

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