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The Importance of Craftsmanship and Quality in Pricing

At “Army Vehicle Marking,” we passionately embrace the unique history and restoration efforts that each vehicle represents. Our pricing, approximately 1 euro per inch per character, attests to our profound understanding of the value we add to your beloved vintage car, classic military motorcycle, armored vehicle, or tank.

The choice of this pricing is deliberate. It not only reflects the quality of our premium stenciling film, sourced from our reliable supplier but also the durability and authenticity that these materials bring to our military markings and stencils.

We acknowledge the many hours of research and artistic craftsmanship required for vehicle lettering. Our commitment to custom templates, marking with military-historically accurate precision, and providing advice, historical research, and manufacturing top-quality paint stencils is at the core of our work. These efforts justify the price that reflects the value of craftsmanship and shows respect for the investment you have made in your vehicle.

Setting a price of approximately 1 euro per inch per character allows us to not only cover the costs of high-quality materials but also fairly compensate for the expertise and dedication our craftsmen put into each project. It is a fair reflection of the value we add to your vehicle while enabling us to maintain a customized approach that does justice to the unique character of each project.

At “Army Vehicle Marking,” we aim not only to provide military markings and stencils; we want to leave a lasting impression on your vehicle, one that reflects its rich history and restoration efforts.


Our Pricing Policy:

The pricing philosophy of “Army Vehicle Marking” recognizes the intrinsic value of each vehicle and the extensive restoration efforts of owners. Unlike the idea of “penny wise, pound foolish,” we advocate for a customized approach to pricing, ranging between 0.75 and 1.25 percent of the vehicle’s value. By tailoring the price to the unique story and restoration journey of each vehicle, we ensure that the finishing touch aligns with the overall investment owners have made.

Each vehicle is unique, with its own story behind it. Therefore, we only deliver customer-specific adjustments in consultation with you.

“Penny Wise, Pound Foolish” & “Comparing Apples and Oranges”:

What is the finishing touch of your beloved vehicle worth?

Your original purchase… 10,000 / 20,000 euros?
Your NOS parts, making, buying & repairing… 5,000 / 15,000 euros?
Your extra special tools & equipment… 2,500 / 5,000 euros?
Your restoration work… 1,000 / 1,500 / 3,000 hours plus?
Total restoration value of your object… 20K+ / 50K+ / 75K+ euros?

What is your finishing touch…

… 1 percent, 1 per mille of your total restoration?
Your military markings & stencils… via your “neighbor’s nephew’s distant acquaintance” for a bargain?


Army Vehicle Marking . com
Army Vehicle Marking . com

Army Vehicle Marking . com

… CUSTOM Military Equipment, Unit & Vehicle Markings, Decals & Paint Stencils FOR YOU with military-historically accurate precision.

WWII – Paint stencils – available in all inch sizes and historically accurate (military) fonts.

Penny wise, pound foolish & Comparing apples and oranges.
Penny wise, pound foolish & Comparing apples and oranges.