WWII Dodge Build Card Request Detroit USA scaled 1

How to request your Dodge Build Card in Detroit

WWII Dodge Build Card Request Detroit USA

Latest version dated 2020-Q1

For those who want to request a Build Card from their Dodge ..

Since Dodge / Chrysler has become member of the Fiat Group,
there seem currently no charges anymore for requesting your Build Card.

The Crew of the FCA would like to receive a photo of your Dodge,
Chassis number and preferably some proof of ownership or proof of purchase
with a chassis / VIN number on it.

See also the documents below attached in original as PDF and the already edited one in MS Word, to fill in yourself and then save as PFD and E-mail it to the FCA.

FCA Historical Services,
Attention: Danielle Szostak-Viers,
CIMS 410-11-21,
12501 Chrysler Freeway,
Detroit, MI 48288,
United States of America (USA).

Email: Danielle . Szostak @ FCAgroup . com (Remove the 6 spaces!)

For the original PDF version 2020-Q1: Klick here for the PDF version.

For the MS Word veridon to fill in digital by your ow, version 2020-Q1: Klick here for the USA/UK/GB – MS Word version.

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