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Mission, Vision & Strategy

The Pursuit of Historical Accuracy in Army Vehicle Marking:

A Perspective on Mission, Strategy, and Values.


“Army Vehicle Marking” has emerged from a dedicated effort with a clear objective: to provide historically accurate markings, decals, and templates for military vehicles and tanks from the Second World War. This commitment is driven by a passion for preserving historical authenticity and ensuring that these vehicles, representing a crucial period in world history, are accurately marked. This page delves into the mission, vision, strategy, lead time, and pricing of “Army Vehicle Marking” to clarify why it exclusively undertakes total custom historical correct projects.

Our Mission, Vision & Strategy:

The core of “Army Vehicle Marking” addresses the need for accurate historical markings on Allied military vehicles, particularly from the Second World War. Our mission is clear: to become the foremost expert and partner in providing historically accurate markings for vehicles, supporting owners in achieving authenticity in their historical vehicle restoration. The vision extends beyond the present, with the ambition to become the most extensive database and source of information, especially regarding Allied vehicle markings from the Second World War, preserving this crucial aspect of history for future generations.

The strategy involves leveraging over 40 years of experience, utilizing personal and online archives, and digitizing original documentation, especially from the Second World War. By developing accurate digital scalable fonts based on historical guidelines, we ensure the highest standards of historical accuracy. The values of service, customer focus, historical awareness, and a profound sense of history are embedded in the ethos of “Army Vehicle Marking.”

Our Lead Time:

The lead time for projects undertaken by “Army Vehicle Marking” is a testament to the meticulous attention paid to each historical detail. With an average lead time of 3 to 5 months, we emphasize the uniqueness of each vehicle, recognizing that rushing compromises the quality of historical accuracy. This approach is based on the belief that the finishing touch of a historical vehicle should not be hasty but rather a thoughtful and historically accurate process.

Our Pricing Policy:

The pricing philosophy of “Army Vehicle Marking” reflects an acknowledgment of the intrinsic value of each vehicle and the extensive restoration efforts invested by owners. Rejecting the notion of “penny wise, pound foolish,” we advocate for a tailored approach to pricing, ranging between 0.75 and 1.25 percent of the value of the vehicle. By aligning the price with the unique story and restoration journey of each vehicle, “Army Vehicle Marking” ensures that the finishing touch is commensurate with the overall investment made by owners.


In conclusion, “Army Vehicle Marking” stands as a beacon of authenticity in the domain of markings for Allied military vehicles from the Second World War. Driven by a mission to be the guardian of historical accuracy, the strategy, lead time, pricing, and commitment to quality and precision underscore the platform’s significance. By upholding these principles, “Army Vehicle Marking” is not only a service provider but an integral part of preserving the rich history and sacrifices embodied in each marked military vehicle.

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