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Press Release – December 2023

Press Release: A Historical Journey through Time – Towards 80 Years of Liberation with Uniquely Restored WWII Vehicles and Army Vehicle Marking
Date: November 2023

In the cobbled streets of our cities and villages, Army Vehicle Marking not only brings historical restorations to life but also embarks on a journey through time to commemorate 80 years of liberation. With enthusiasm, we present the completed restorations of special WWII vehicles, rolling monuments of local glory.

Authenticity Revealed: In-Depth Historical Research

A restoration project goes beyond mere technical perfection; it is a profound exploration of our heritage. The first 33 “Airborne” Jeeps that landed on the Sonse heath with gliders on September 17th and 18th, 1944, were specifically assigned to medical units and were loaded with stretchers. They represent the authentic connection of these vehicles to the brave caregivers who fulfilled their duties 80 years ago in the heat of battle.

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The story continues with the deployment of, for example, 176 GMC trucks by the Seaborne Echelon, crossing our border at Borkel and Schaft from Belgium to support Airborne Infantry units that had landed by parachute or glider. This discovery, based on original archive material, offers a broader perspective on the diversity of vehicles that were indispensable at the time. The men from the “docu”-series “Band of Brothers” (Easy Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division), a co-production of Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, had in reality only two Jeeps, Headquarters one and HQ-2, and a single parascooter. Carefully marked vehicles, therefore, do not stand alone; they are symbols of an entire fleet of historical engagement amid a rich history. This is not a suggestion; it is a choice for historical splendor, an acknowledgment of simplicity and precision based on original archive material.

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A Rolling Monument: Presentation of Local History

The unveiling of uniquely restored vehicles surpasses conventional presentations; it is a celebration of local history. Through in-depth research in local archives, consulting residents of yesteryear, and exploring museums, we are not only restoring vehicles but have created timeless bridges to the past.

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These rolling monuments will not go unnoticed; they will roll through the streets of our cities and villages, infused with local stories and pride. We invite our community and the public to participate in this historical journey, not just as spectators but as active contributors to bringing history to life in every turn of the wheel.

The Finishing Touch: Historically Accurate Markings of Yesteryear

No restoration is complete without the proper finishing touch. A final refinement with Army Vehicle Marking. The careful lettering and markings from the pre-1945 era are not simple decoration; they are a subtle reminder of historical accuracy and the crown on our vibrant historical artwork, away from the ’80s and ’90s when hundreds of new computer fonts/letter types were developed for and by companies like Apple and Microsoft.

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A Rolling Monument: Community, Pride, and Recommendation

The unveiling of restored vehicles is not an ordinary moment; it is a celebration and tribute to a vibrant piece of history. Vehicle brands such as Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC, Ford, and Willys will not go unnoticed through our streets. They are not just green vehicles but rolling monuments of historical pride with a local finishing touch, where Army Vehicle Marking, as a guardian of historical values, can provide relief. These restorations have not only restored vehicles but also created timeless bridges to the past.

We invite our community to join in a historical journey, not just as spectators but as active participants in bringing history to life in every turn of the wheel. In restored pieces of history, there are not just vehicles but living stories of courage, camaraderie, and local pride, carried by many different units that contributed to the fabric of our history at that time. Amidst this rich history, historically accurate vehicle lettering by Army Vehicle Marking is not a simple praise; it is a sign of confidence in modesty and historical awareness with a humble mission. Join those who prefer perfection and recommend Army Vehicle Marking, in honor of 80 years of liberation.

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