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WWII USA VEH Markings – Examples Only

Unit Identification Markings for U.S. Military Vehicles


The prescribed guidelines for “Unit Identification Markings on Vehicles and Equipment” in the United States Army Regulations (AR) were outlined in AR 850-5. While these regulations establish the fundamental framework for unit identification markings, photographic evidence reveals that numerous vehicles belonging to various units did not consistently adhere to the specified guidelines. The following passage is extracted from Section 10 of AR 850-5, dated August 5, 1942.

WWII USA VEH Markings - Examples

(a)1—X—HQ—1010th vehicle, Hq Co, 1st Inf Div.1-XHQ-10
1—X—1S—1010th vehicle, 1st Sig Co, 1st Inf Div.1-X1S-10
1—X—1R—1010th vehicle, 1st Rcn Tr, 1st Inf Div.1-X1R-10
1—16-I—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 16th Inf, 1st Inf Div.1-16-IA-10
1—F—HQ—1010th vehicle, Hq Btry, Div Arty, 1st Inf Div.1-FHQ-10
1—33F—D—1010th vehicle, Btry D, 33d FA Bn, 1st Inf Div.1-33FD-10
1—1E—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 1st Engr Bn, 1st Inf Div.1-1EA-10
1—1M—A—1010th vehicle, Co A (Coll), 1st Med Bn, 1st Inf Div.1-1MA-10
1A—493M—COLL—1010th vehicle, Coll Co, 493rd Med Bn, First Army.1A-493MCOLL-10by AVM
1—1Q—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 1st QM Bn, 1st Inf Div.1-1QA-10
(b)1Δ—X—SV—1010th vehicle, Serv. Co, 1st Armd Div.-XSV-10
1Δ—81R—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 81st Rcn Bn, 1st Armd Div.-81RA-10
1Δ—1Δ—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 1st Armd Regt, 1st Armd Div.-A-10
1Δ—27F—A—1010th vehicle, Btry A, 27th FA Bn, 1st Armd Div.-27FA-10
1Δ—16E—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 16th Engr Bn, 1st Armd Div.-16EA-10
1Δ—6–I—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 6th Inf, 1st Armd Div.-6–IA-10
1Δ—TN—HQ—1010th vehicle, Hq Co, Div Tn, 1st Armd Div.-TNHQ-10
1Δ—1-O—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, Maint Bn, 1st Armd Div.-1-OA-10
1Δ—1Q—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, Sup Bn, 1st Armd Div.-1QA-10
(c)1C—X—HQ—1010th vehicle, Hq Tr, 1st Cay. Div.1C-XHQ-10
1C—X—1S—1010th vehicle, 1st Sig Tr, 1st Cav Div.1C-X1S-10
1C—91R—A—1010th vehicle, Tr A, 91st Rcn Sq, 1st Cav Div.1C-91RA-10
1C—X—27-O—1010th vehicle, 27th Ord Co, 1st Cav Div.1C-X27-O-10
1C—1C—HQ—1010th vehicle, Hq Tr, let Cav Brig, 1st Cav Div.1C-1CHQ-10
1C—12C—HQ—1010th vehicle, Hq Tr, 12th Cav, 1st Cav Div.1C-12CHQ-10
1C—F—HQ—1010th vehicle, Hq Btry, Div Arty, 1st Cav Div.1C-FHQ-10
1C—61F—A—1010th vehicle, Btry A, 61st FA Bn, 1st Cav Div.1C-61FA-10
1C—8E—A—1010th vehicle, Tr A, 8th Engr Bn, 1st Cav Div.1C-8EA-10
1C—1M—A—1010th vehicle, Tr A, let Med Sq, 1st Cav Div.1C-1MA-10
1C—1Q—A—1010th vehicle, Tr A, 1st QM Sq, 1st Cav Div.1C-1QA-10
(d)2A—21Q—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 21st QM Regt, Second Army.2A-21QA-10
3A—61Q—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 61st QM Bn, Third Army.3A-61QA-10
★—1Q—SVAV—1010th vehicle, 1st QM Co, Serv Gp, (Avn) AAF.-1QSVAV-10
3A—21Q—CAR—1010th vehicle, 21st QM Car Co, Third Army.3A-21QCAR-10
3A—56Q—COM—1010th vehicle, 56th QM Sales Comm Co, Third Army.3A-56QCOM-10
3A—67Q—REF—1010th vehicle, 67th QM Ref Co, Third Army.3A-67QREF-10
4A—79Q—DP—1010th vehicle, 79th QM Depot Co, Fourth Army.4A-79QDP-10
1A—87Q—RHD—1010th vehicle, 87th QM Rhd Co, First Army.1A-87QRHD-10
1A—132Q—TRK—1010th vehicle, 132d QM Trk Co, First Army.1A-132QTRK-10
★—862Q—MT—1010th vehicle, 862d QM L Maint Co, AAF.-862QMT-10
(e)GHQ—101M—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 101 Med Regt, GHQ.GHQ-101MA-10
II—40M—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 40th Med Bn, II Army Corps.II-40MA-10
3A—1M—VET—1010th vehicle, 1st Vet Co, Third Army.3A-1MVET-10
II—701M—SAN—1010th vehicle, 701st Sn Co, II Army Corps.II-701MSAN-10
II—3M—EV—1010th vehicle, 3d Evac Hosp, II Army Corps.II-3MEV-10
II—3M—EVAC—1010th vehicle, 3d Evac Hosp, II Army Corps.II-3MEVAC-10by AVM
3A—53M—GEN—1010th vehicle, 53d Gen Hosp, Third Army.3A-53MGEN-10
1A—151M—STA—1010th vehicle, 151st Sta Hosp, First Army.1A-151MSTA-10
3A—63M—SUR—1010th vehicle, 63d Surg Hosp, Third Army.3A-63MSUR-10
3A—16M—VET—1010th vehicle, 16th Vet Evac Hosp, Third Army.3A-16MVET-10
1A—1M—DP—1010th vehicle, 1st Med Sup Dep, First Army.1A-1MDP-10
3A—2M—LAB—1010th vehicle, 2d Med Lab, Third Army.3A-2MLAB-10
(f)1A—101P—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 101st MP Bn, First Army.1A-101PA-10
ZI—704P—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 704th MP Bn, ZI.ZI-704PA-10
IV—X—44P—1010th vehicle, 44th MP Co, IV Army Corps.IV-X44P-10
(g)IX—18E—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 18th Engr, IX Army Corps.IX-18EA-10
II—62E—D—1010th vehicle, Co D, 62d Top Engr, II Army Corps.II-62ED-10
(h)1A-41-O—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 41st Ord Bn, First Army.1A-41-OA-10
I—1-O—HQ—1010th vehicle, Hq & Hq Det, 1st Ord Bn, I Army Corps.I-1-OHQ-10
3A—X—60-O—1010th vehicle, 60th Ord Co, Third Army.3A-X60-O-10
★—714-O—AB—1010th vehicle, 714 Ord Co, AB, AAF.-714-OAB-10
(i)IIΔ—1S—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 1st Sig Bn, I Armd Corps.IIΔ-1SA-10
III—26S—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 26th Sig Bn, III Army Corps.III-26SA-10
★—X—S—1010th vehicle, Sig Co, AAF.-XS-10
III—X—280S—1010th vehicle, 280th Sig Co, III Army Corps.III-X280S-10
ZI—1S—SV—1010th vehicle, 1st Sig Serv Co, ZI.ZI-1SSV-10
(j)1A—2G—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 2d Cml Bn, First Army.1A-2GA-10
3A—3G—MT—1010th vehicle, 3d Cml Co Maint, Third Army.3A-3GMT-10
3A—3G—DP—1010th vehicle, 3d Cml Co, Dep, Third Army.3A-3GDP-10
(k)II—13F—HQ—1010th vehicle, Hq Btry, 13th FA Brig, II Army Corps.II-13FHQ-10
I—17F—A—1010th vehicle, Btry A, 17th FA, I Army Corps.I-17FA-10
1A—6F—A—1010th vehicle, Btry A, 6th FA Bn, First Army.1A-6FA-10
GHQ—71F—A—1010th vehicle, Btry A, 71st FA Bn, GHQ.GHQ-71FA-10
I—1FOB—A—1010th vehicle, Btry A, 1st FA Obsn Bn, I Army Corps.I-1FOBA-10
(l)3A—33CA—HQ—1010th vehicle, Hq Btry, 33 CAC Brig, Third Army.3A-33CAHQ-10
1A—2CA—A—1010th vehicle, Btry A, 2d CAC, First Army.1A-2CAA-10
AA—302CA—A—1010th vehicle, Btry A, 302 CAC, AA Comd.AA-302CAA-10
(m)2A—601TD—A—1010th vehicle, Co A. 601 TD Bn, Second Army.2A-601TDA-10
TD—693TD—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, 693 TD Bn, TD Comd.TD-693TDA-10
(n)★—850E—A—1010th vehicle, Co A, Engr Bn Avn, AAF.-850EA-10