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Do you know if your WWII vehicle U.S.A.(W.) or CC bonnet/hood number is correct? If you know your military vehicle’s frame number, then you are in luck! Simply fill out the following form for an approximation of your vehicle’s U.S.A.(W.) bonnet/hood number.

Please Note

The Army bonnet/hood number generated by this page is simply an estimate. It is good practice to validate this number against the current serial number archives provided by sites like the g503 website for example.

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This page is dynamically designed and only shows selected brand and type from the above linked file / database. Choose now your brand and type.

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Can you help make this data even more complete?

Sometimes we miss some detailed information per brand and type. Or we simply do not have any information about the relevant brand or type in our files. If you can or would like to help with this, we will add data to this estimator.

If you encounter any errors or have additional information, please do not hesitate to email us. Thank you in advance on behalf of us and your fellow enthusiastic vehicle owners.

If a database, brand and type are selected, a table will appear here:

End of the displayed data from the database.

Credits and Sources:

The data used to create this estimator came from the following sources. Therefore credits to people and organizations such as:

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  • Copies of these publications can be purchased from the MVPA (Military Vehicle Preservation Association) for example.

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