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Project – Ford GPW 1942 Jeep

Ford GPW 1942 Jeep

Along with the BAIV BV Team in Maarheeze (The Netherlands) we have “Bassies Jeep” in recent months disassembled.
Restored part by part. And start building up this “early” Ford GPW again from scratch. See below the result.



This Ford GPW has the marking of the American 7th Armored Division, nicknamed The Lucky 7th.
Right after the Battle of Arnhem & Operation Market Garden during September 1944, the Battle of Overloon took place in the surroundings of the village.

The Battle of Overloon was a battle fought in the Second World War battle between Allied forces and the German Army.
Which took place in and around the village of Overloon in the south-east of the Netherlands between 30 September and 18 October 1944.

The battle, which resulted in an Allied victory, ensued after the Allies launched Operation Aintree.
This battle is also known as ‘The battle in the shadow’ and ‘The forgotten battle’.
A fierce battle between the allied and German forces, with big losses on both sides.

The American 7th Armored Division, nicknamed The Lucky 7th, was one of the participants in this battle.




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