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WWII jeep Ford/Willys canvas. Custom-made with the original vintage stencil fonttype in the correct inch sizes. By #ArmyVehicleMarking #Jeep..

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Brokking Advocatuur & Mediation

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Custom-made big size DAF Truck magnets by #ArmyVehicleMarking #CarMagnet #CarMagnets #TruckMagnet #TruckMagnets #Magnet #Magneto #Truck #DAF..

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Another 3/4″ and 1/2 inches oilboard paper stencils… made with the original vintage Diagraph Bradley stencil cutting machines. #ArmyVehicleMarking..

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Ready for the Dutch Liberation Day Festivities, May 5, next month in The Netherlands! So happy how the custom design turned out for our dog Gala..

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